The Premium Service

Premium Service

Below are the key elements that the Premium Service offers in addition to the basic functionality of XS2Mail.

Preview picture showing the selection of accounts
  1. All your e-mail accounts available with one click. All accounts can have separate preferences (like e-mailaddress, name and signature).
  2. No XS2Mail text or advertisement at the bottom of outgoing messages
  3. Send unlimited messages per day
  4. No advertisements on the site.
    • Resend message: any message in your mailbox can be used as a template for a message to be composed, including attachments);
    • Bounce message: redirect a message to another address, with no changements to the contents.
  5. Automatically refresh the message list every x minutes.
  6. New addressbook accessible from all your accounts.
  7. Colorize your mail in the messagelist by criterea you specify. You get a much quicker overview on what important mail you received! For instance, you can color mail from your friends red, and set mail from collegues in bold font. Or automatically tag mail for deletion that looks like spam. Or mark mail that is bigger than e.g. 50 kB.
  8. Futher advanced functionality will be offered only to Premium Service members.
              showing the messagelist with messages colored.


You log in only once with XS2Mail Premium with a username and password that you have chosen yourself. Then you can add your existing POP3- and IMAP-accounts to your Premium account. Just when adding these accounts, you will have to give your mail password. When this is done, you will never have to type in that password again, and with only one mouseclick, you will have access to your mailaccounts.

Every account has its own preferences, like name, e-mailaddress, signature etc. On this way, you can e.g. differentiate business and home accounts with their own prefernces.


At first, it looks unsafe to gain access to all your accounts with just one password. This is not the case! When you log in to your accounts on the basic way through XS2Mail, your username and password of every account would be submitted to our server. With the Premium Service, these data are already known by the server, and therefore, they will not be submitted.

For your safety, we advise you to choose a complex password and connection through SSL.


Price of our Premium Service: EUR 19,95 / year

There are two payment methods:

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You will get a free 7-day trial period to try out this service. If you want to continue using it, you should pay as described earlier.

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