Help on the message list

The message list

When you correctly entered your provider, username and password, XS2Mail will load the list of messages from the mailserver. However, when you log in for the first time, you can fill out a couple of preferences (such as signature, e-mailaddress, preferred colors etc.). This is just to ease your use of our service. You can always change your settings later.

The inbox layout is rather simple. The following columns are shown:

The background of the row is colored differently depending on whether the message was read or not.

You can sort on any column, ascending or descending, when you click on one of the arrows next to each column name.

The delete function is straightforward too: select one or more messages you want to delete and click the "Delete tagged" button. You can use the checkbox in the caption bar of the list to select or deselect all messages.

The text in the Form and Subject field is automatically shortened if it is too long. The textlength for both fields can be changed in the Preferences area. You can still see the whole text if you hold your mouse over the text.

The messagelist can be split in multiple pages. You can specify the total number of messages per page in the Preferences screen. This will vastly decrease the time it takes to load the message list. If you sort by Date (the default), the system only needs to retrieve the messages that are currently shown. However, if you specify another sorting order, all messages need to be retrieved from the server, because they have to be sorted first.