About XS2Mail

About XS2Mail

XS2Mail makes it possible to read and write email from any computer with an Internet connection. You can simply use any webbrowser to do this, so you do not have to configure a mail user agent (if available at all) just to check if you have received new mail.

All you need to know is some information on your mailserver. This could be your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your company, or your own server. If your ISP or company is already listed at XS2Mail, you can simply select it and fill out your username and password.

> Features

XS2Mail is not intented to be your only mail user agent. This is due to the technology of the World Wide Web. However, XS2Mail offers functionality that is usually missing in other webbased mail applications, or even in dedicated mail user agents.

> Security

user <---> XS2Mail <---> mailserver

Your username and password are submitted only at the time you log on. During your session, this information is temporarly remembered by XS2Mail (see our Privacy Policy regarding this).
At every request (such as viewing a message), however, XS2Mail will log in at your mailserver to fetch data. If your mailserver supports APOP authentication, your password is sent in encrypted form.
To encrypt the first part (from user to XS2Mail), you must log in using our secure (SSL) form. If you do so, nothing (nor your username/password, nor anything of what emails you read) of the data can be read by other people.

> Conformance

XS2Mail was designed to conform to all Internet Standards concerning internet mail. This means that it will correctly interpret all content generated by programs that also support these standards. XS2Mail will also generate content that is required and recommended by these standards.
Specifically, it was designed to conform to the following standards:

The following Internet Standards may be included in the near future:

Please note that while we made every effort to conform to these standards, there may be bugs in the implementation. Please inform us if you observe incorrect behaviour and we will fix this as soon as possible.

> Notes and limitations

Because the XS2Mail server is available for public use, we have to put in some limitations and functionality that might decrease your anonymity.